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Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is an Embedded Wireless Sensor Network (EWSN)?

Embedded wireless sensor network is combination of tiny-computing devices, sensors, wireless networking technology, and software. This type of networks can be used for monitoring, sensing, tracking, and security applications. Networks consists of tiny sensor nodes called wireless sensor nodes. Still in the research stages. Once it is matured, we can see smart and intelligent environments around us.

TinyOS is like the operating system for distributed wireless sensor network.

My thesis work on Wireless sensor networks:

A generic framework design for managing the sink mobility in wireless sensor networks, which can help in extending the lifetime of sensor networks. The framework enables the sink to collect health statistics from the network in real time, and using such metrics it defines a dynamic, energy-efficient trajectory along which the sink will move.

Sink means - a base station

Link to our university library listing of my thesis:

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Wiki on Wireless Sensor Networks

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