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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Qualities of a Flat world professional ...

After listening to World is Flat audio book I prepared short list of things which can make up a Flat world professional.

1. Curiosity Quotient. Always curious to learn and understand new subjects.

2. Adapt quickly to new technologies.

3. Always having burning fire inside to create or build new things.

4. Searching for new problems to be solved and finding efficient and scalable solutions.

5. Being a synthesizer. Understanding a real world problem and able to define a solution by synthesizing techniques or concepts from multiple disciplines.

6. Look beyond what you know, what you have studied, and try to get a grasp of new subjects.

7. Excellent communicators. Ability to define a business problem correctly, communicating it to the team, and getting it implemented with the help of a team.

8. Play as a global citizen.

9. Ability to mingle with people from different cultures.

10. Able to collaborate and co-create.

11. Being a big-picture person and having vision to foresee the implications of a particular problem or solution.

Resource : This is based on some phrases or words used in World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman.

I found that book to be very interesting and helped in redefining my understanding of the engineering profession.