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Friday, November 19, 2010

My Notes after listening to: "Where Good Ideas come from"- By Steven Johnson

After watching a TED presentation of Steven Johnson's "Where Good Ideas come from", I got interested in the book and bought an audio book. I came across some cool interesting facts and points while listening to this book and made some random notes. I believe in Steve Jobs saying- "Dots in life can only be connected going backward." So, I think this notes will help me in some way in future where I can connect back.

1. It seems as per some scientific and IQ studies: the more disorganized your brain is, the smarter you're.

2. Reading books from different fields give us opportunity to find new ideas.

3. Steven Johnson takes example of Gutenberg's printing technology. Gutenberg takes the screw press mechanism used in the agricultural production to press the grapes and olive oil seeds to design the printing device. It is described in the book as Exaptation. Exaptation - taking ideas from one box and applying to problems in another box.

4. Google is a "Serendipitous engine" - realized after reading this book. That appears to be true for me. As a programmer, whenever I try to do some research on some new technology or technique to use in my projects I always get something more to learn.

5. Brainstorming opens the hunches and new ideas.

6. Connecting hunches is important.

7. Idea exchange places are important. We need to create a environment to connect and nurture the hunches.

8. "Being wrong forces you to explore."

9. "Good ideas are identified welcomed because the Signal-to-noise ratio is high."

10. "People who have broad social networks are very creative which are diverse."

11. Keeping the spark alive throughout the development process of a project or idea is important.

12. Urban life is good for new ideas.

13. When we don't have to ask for permission, innovation thrives.

14. " Good ideas spill over. They stand against the giants that come against them."

15. "More than one formula exists for innovation."

If I used any phrase from the book, I tried to put them under quotes. This summary is from "Where good Ideas come from" - By Steven Johnson.