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Sunday, January 30, 2011

After listening to -" A Whole New Mind- By Daniel Pink"

Again, I just started recently listening to this book " A Whole New Mind- by Daniel Pink". I started using's iPhone app to listen to audio books to keep up with my schedule. So far I really liked the iPhone app and it's seamless integration with

Coming to the book, I really liked it. It gives some good information about two different sides of the human brain. It explains, what kind of thinking is important to succeed in this new competitive era. Author presents qualities and importance of left and right hemispheres of the brain. He calls it L-directed and R-directed thinking.

Bottom line to understand from this book :

  1. Left-directed thinking helps in calculations, and logical thinking. ( Useful for : Programming, accounting jobs, etc,)

  2. Right-directed thinking helps in compassion, caring, emotions, etc., ( Useful for high concept and high touch jobs like Artists, designers, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, etc,)

  3. For new kind of jobs, L-directed thinking needs to be complemented by R-directed thinking.

Points to be noted:
This book emphasizes following 6 qualities (referred to as senses by author) required to be successful for the next-gen of professionals. It seems the following are qualities of R-hemisphere (R-directed thinking) of the brain. :

  1. Design thinking

  2. story telling

  3. Symphony and synthesis

  4. Empathy

  5. Playing games, sense of humor, and fun

  6. Doing meaningful work and spirituality

After listening about the design thinking in this book, I really got inspired about the art and design. I thought the following points mentioned by author are worth to be noted :

  1. Embedding design thinking into student's curriculum.
  2. "MFA is new MBA."
  3. "L-directed thinking which helps in number-crunching, programming, etc is necessary but not sufficient."
  4. Author mentions about the changes being taken place to support this kind of design thinking. Like embedding art and design thinking and courses into medical student's curriculum, companies, and government agencies.
  5. He says, new kind of jobs require - " High touch and high concept skills" which fall into the above mentioned 6 senses.
  6. "L-directed thinking needs to be complemented with R-directed thinking".
  7. "Design is a classic whole minded aptitude".
  8. He mentions about - how each and every thing in this world we use is imagined, designed, and created and emphasizes the importance of art and design in our daily life. Without art and design we will not be able to see the user friendly and aesthetic qualities of the things we see around us. Personally, I feel aesthetic qualities will improve the productivity of our work.
  9. "Good design can change the world."
  10. Bad design can lead to bad results.
  11. These are my favorite examples about design:
    • Patients treated in well designed hospital wards required less medications to recover and feel good compared to others.

    • Students studied in improved and well-designed school ambience improved their scores.

  12. To be designer neeed to be an agent of change.
  13. He suggests the following things to improve the design thinking:
    • Keep a design notebook

    • Carry a design notebook

    • Make a note when you see good design

    • Experience design

    • Carry a camera and take pictures of good and bad design

    • Choose a design that bothers. Think about improvements. Read design magazines

  14. Websites mentioned in this book:

  15. Become a design detective: how does it effect the 5-senses by looking at an object ? Why this object tickles the sensation and why not other ?

Still there are many things to note down about this book...........................