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Friday, May 20, 2011

Listening to - " The Steve Jobs Way" - By Jay Elliot - Former Senior Vice President of Apple

I'm currently listening to the -" The Steve Jobs Way". It's really inspiring, interesting and lot of things to learn from it. The following are some interesting points I picked up from what I've listened to so far.

1. Steve is the -"Head artist of the apple".

2. Apple teams are termed as pirates.

3. Steve pushes the people to extremes to work hard and improve the performance.

4. He's the person of details. Ex: Though not from technical background, he used to understand every other detail of the mac design from semi-conductor chip to the casing.

5. Steve is the role model of everybody at the apple.

6. Steve envisions the products he designs and develops from end user or customer's perspective.

7. He goes to any extent to appreciate the work of his employees. Ex: Personally emailing apple retail store associate to appreciate him on his performance in handling the customer request, personally handing out hundred bills as token of appreciation to the workers on factory-floor, or personally giving bonus check to one of his engineers at his desk.

8. Steve is always energized and enthusiastic. Always in hyper mode to present products to people with a splash in his presentations.

9. He instilled design thinking into building the apple products. Thinking and designing them in a artistic way rather than creating computers as squared plastic or metal boxes and including software with better and intuitive User-interface. Things at apple got the current shape based on the Steve's creative customer-oriented thinking.

Oh! boy, lot to learn from him.
Some brain-storming videos of Steve Jobs at NEXT

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