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Friday, September 9, 2011

My participation in "Hacking education Contest"

Recently took part in the Hacking education contest conducted by and made it to their showcase.   Really encouraging and hopefully it'll give me the push to do better in any future contests.  Got a $100 gift card to donate it to it to the school projects.

My app name is : - which will help donors to explore the projects easily to donate and share the information.

Projects Near me

Showcase at website:  Showcase

Reading "Life- Is What You Make It" - By PETER BUFFETT

Currently, I'm reading "Life- Is What You Make It". Interesting book written by a person who was born in one of the richest families on earth- Warren Buffett.

Important points to be noted from this book:

  • Normal is what you're used to

    Core values are the foundation for everything : Trust, Tolerance, Education, Personal Work Ethic.

  • No one deserves anything

    Author tries to bring out the real meaning of "deserves". In simple words, he tries to prove that people born in affluent families are in one way are losers. In a sense that there's a good chance that they lose the opportunity to earn the real reward of their life by working hard and making most of their life.

  • The myth of the level playing field

    Gist: World is imperfect. Everyone wishes it to be a level playing field, but it's not. It's the passionate individuals who wants to succeed need to do all it takes to bring it closer and closer to a level playing field. Also, it's important to identify that all human beings are equal. We should only do things which we're passionate about. Should not surrender to something just because it's advantageous career or financial wise.

  • The ( mixed ) blessing of choice reading.......